Access childcare support through the childcare service

5. Tax-Free Childcare for childcare providers

Use this service, as a childcare provider, to sign up to Tax-Free Childcare and get into your account to update your details.

You need to do this so that parents who've successfully applied for Tax-Free Childcare can make payments to you.

If you're the main contact for your business, you'll need to sign up yourself to set up your security credentials. As part of sign up, you'll get the chance to nominate a delegate to act on your behalf in future.

Signing up takes around 10 minutes.

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Before you start

To sign up you'll need:

  • your business bank account details

If you're a childcare provider based in the UK, you'll also need:

  • the postcode that your Unique Taxpayer Reference is registered to
  • if you don't have a Unique Taxpayer Reference, your National Insurance number

To sign up you'll need to be registered with a regulator, for example Ofsted.